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Occupational Therapy
Leslie Mish OTR works full-time while Rhonda Brooks OTR works one day a week.

Occupational Therapists are health care providers who work in a variety of settings including school systems, hospitals, and colleges. In the school system occupational therapists evaluate students and may provide occupational therapy for students who have been determined eligible for related services through an Individualized Educational Program (IEP) or a 504 Accommodation Plan.

When a student is having difficulty "participating" in academics, socially or physically they may be referred for an Occupational Therapy evaluation. Class "participation"icludes the physical aspects of school (the bathroom or play-structure). A student may have difficulty drawing or copying from the board, or they may have difficulty when asked to replicate and participate in the motor activity in music or PE class (motor- planning skills), or have trouble filtering out extraneous noise (in the lunchroom, or an assembly), or misinterpret a light tap from a peer as a harder painful one (sensory processing), or may have difficulty being independent in dressing for recess or washing their hands (activities of daily living (ADL) or self-help skills), or learning letters and numbers in handwriting tasks (graphomotor difficulties).

As you see OTs examine function, classroom participation, and ability to access the curriculum by assessing at the 'whole child' throughout their school day.